Lukas’ Premiere Update

Hey guys, I am giving all of you a little premier update.  They are poping up all over, and I want everybody to be able to take advantage of them best as possible.

1. Blue and the Capita guys are having a huge ass one in Seattle tomorrow, Friday October 13th.  Basically if you are in the area and not coming, don’t blow it, and come on down.

2. There will be one in Whitefish, MT on November 17th.  The brother of Andrew Crawford is putting that on.  I want to extend the invitation to you guys, and your regional reps to get in contact with Ian Crawford.  We are partnering up with a local shop there (I don’t know that info), so it may be a good oppertunity to have some brand exposure there.  If you are interested contact ian at:  he is enthusiastic.

3. November 11th, we are having a movie screening with GWAR!  Fuck yeah.  Most of you already know about that, I will be sending out an official press-release with an image next week.  Blue at Capita is super involved with the organization of that, so get ahold of him or I if you have any questions.

Anywho, that is it for now.  I hope you guys are all well, we are getting good feedback about the project, and things are cruising right along.  It’s cold, maybe it will snow.

Later, Lukas