Lucid Notion Snowboards Adds Zac Sayed

Denver, Colorado—The Lucid Notion Snowboard Company announces today that young Zac Sayed has agreed to the lucrative terms of a Professional Snowboarder Contract with them. Zac hails from the Tahoe area and is overly excited to be a part of the worlds friendliest snowboard company.

19 year old Zac joins the French Canadian without a French Canadian name; Ralph Samson, and snowboarding’s new drinking buddy; Jeff Johnson from Oregon in their quest to throw snowballs at and toilet paper the houses of snowboarding’s current establishment. The three gentlemen will do it all season long in North America in the name of fun, and the good name of Lucid Notion Snowboards.

In website news, Ryan Peterson (Lucid Notion’s Co-Owner, Graphic Specialist, and Web Geek.) has promised a new Lucid Notion website by Jan 1. that will be a lot more fun and feature some really dumb but entertaining stuff.

Due to the increased boredom of waiting for the postman to drop off his Russian Mail Order Bride at the Lucid Notion office, Ryan will be posting “teasers for the new site starting next month. There may even be some information about an upcoming demo tour…. (Oh No!!! The worlds smallest snowboard company is going on the road…better watch out!)

Lucid Notion is a new and “soiling yourself because of uncontrollable laughter snowboard company from Denver Colorado. You can see their seemingly senseless snowboards on the official website: and send pictures of food, sponsorship requests from Japan, and poetry to their email inbox:

Dan, Ryan, Ralph, Jeff, PR Brett, and now Zac thank you all for reading this message!