Lucid Notion Introduces Chinese Snowboard Buy Back Program

Denver, Colorado—Many of the controlling brands in your industry have moved production to China in an attempt to cut labor costs. This is done because large corporations have to answer to their shareholders…and not you!

The Chinese Snowboard Buyback Program is an opportunity for riders that have been tricked by a few snowboard brands into believing that their name(s) alone stands for quality snowboards, to dump their communist made stick for something actually made by snowboarders…not enslaved children!

To participate in the program you must First have a Chinese made snowboard. (If your are unsure of your boards country of origin send the owners of Lucid Notion Snowboards a message and they will let you know where it was made.) Second, find out if your local snowboard shop is a Lucid Notion authorized dealer (Hint: if it is in a mall… or larger then a supermarket… likely they are not.) and shops staff will take care of the rest. Third, if they are not a Lucid Notion dealer contact Ryan or Dan at the email address below, and they will help you directly. All persons taking part in the Chinese Snowboard Buy Back Program are also eligible for the Lucid Notion First Time Buyers Program.

Lucid Notion has nothing against China or the Chinese people … but we do have something against large faceless corporations closing quality factories (Like the ones all over California, Vashon Island WA, Wheat Ridge CO and Quebec) that once employed snowboarders like you… only to pass the savings off to people who don’t even know or care who you are.

Your Friends at Lucid Notion Care!!!

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