Louie Vito on Omatic

Omatic Snowboards is pleased to announce the addition of a new team rider to its roster of world class pro shredders. New Pro Louie Vito has joined the Omatic family. Even at his young age, Louie is already one of the most dynamic halfpipe riders in the game. This past summer he earned a first place finish in Australia at the Garnier Pipe event, and was also selected to join the US National Snowboard Pro Team. Strong riding at last winter’s X Games exposed Louie’s skills to shred fans around the world--and he’s sure to be back in the mix for Winter X 11. For all of Louie’s competitive prowess, he was really put on the Omatic pro team for his fun-loving, progressive approach to riding. Louie just rips.

Upon joining up with Omatic, he said, “I’m wicked stoked on everything goin’ on at O-Matic. It’s Todd Richards, who is not only still killin’ it today, but a pioneer and legend of the sport. There’s Andreas Wiig, who I would say is probably the best jumper, and Tara Dakides who is arguably one of the best women in snowboarding. To join a team like that, I am psyched!

Louie spent the summer months riding Mt. Hood at Windell’s Camp and he will be traveling this winter from his new home base in Utah. Look for new ads, images, and video footage of Omatic’s Snowboards newest team member online and in all the latest shred magazines. His other sponsors include, Volcom, Red Bull, Boost Mobile, Spy, Kicker Audio, Grenade Gloves, Vestal, SkullCandy, Utility Boardshop and Windell’s Snowboard Camp. If you want to know more about Louie, you can reach him directly at lv@omaticsnowboards.com.

About Omatic Snowboards:
We are a rider-owned and rider-driven brand. We began in 2005 by bringing together pro snowboarders Todd Richards, Tara Dakides, and Andreas Wiig to create a new thing. Using the expertise of team riders and snowboard engineer Jason Kanes, O-Matic snowboards are designed to perform. At Omatic, we are proudly manufacturing top quality, high performance snowboards that are affordable and fun to ride.