Logic Snowboard’s New Website

Check out www.logicsnowboards.com to see the new limited edition Artist Series boards featuring the designs of David Flores (California), Tim Gambrill (Vancouver) and Mr. Jago vs. Ed 209 (United Kingdom). Only 100 prints of each graphic will be available, so check back often, as more artists will be added on a regular basis.

About Logic: Logic snowboards limited is a rider owned and operated snowboard-manufacturing company based in Vancouver, Canada. With over 10 years of board building experience, Logic is focused on handcrafting the lightest, best performing snowboards on the market and is dedicated to enhancing the riding experience through design and technology.

By working exclusively with the finest underground artists in the world, Logic can create extremely limited edition, high-end snowboards that bring back the true essence of snowboard art & design. Each print is individually numbered for authenticity and only the most meticulous craftsmanship and high-end materials go into each board.