Four years ago Rome decided it was time to take the team on a on a short video trip. After some brainstorming, the thing that made the most sense was to just grab the crew, jump in a van, and drive around and snowboard. This was the birth of the first GNAR, or Great North American Rendezvous.

The GNAR video was distributed for free, contained no helicopter shots, no double corks, and was not released on Blue Ray. Even watching that video today (which can be done on YouTube by searching "Rome SDS the GNAR"…no audio of course…) it stands the test of time. A short, fun video about snowboarding.

Then came the Local GNAR Contest, a snowboard video contest for locals where crews from all over the world shred, film and compete for $1,000 and a load of Rome gear. The first three years of the Local GNAR Contest has produced some great videos, like Kevin Castanheira and crew who won last year. And the entries get better every year so we're expecting to see some good stuff this year.

A lot of things have changed in the past four years. Since the GNAR and the birth of Local GNAR, Rome has released two full-length snowboard movies (Any Means and No Correct Way), high-def cameras have become super affordable, and the limits of what can be done on a snowboard are pushed every year.

This being said, one thing remains true: There's nothing like getting together with a crew of your friends, and snowboarding. This is what Local GNAR is about—short, five-minute videos of you and your crew out snowboarding and having a good time. We watch a lot of snowboarding over here at Rome, and without fail, some of the stuff that stokes us out the most every season are the entries we've received for the Local GNAR Contest.

So grab your camera, call your friends and go snowboarding.

• First Place this year will take home $1,000 cash, 2 Rome Artifact snowboards, 2 pairs of 390 bindings
• Second Place will be grabbing 2 Rome Artifacts, 2 pairs of 390 bindings and
• Third place will be walking away with 2 pairs of 390 bindings and 5 pairs of gloves
Keep your edit to 5 minutes or less, and make sure that you're entries are in by May 1, which is the deadline. Make sure all videos are in Quicktime format. For any other questions shoot an email over to ridercouncil@romesnowboards.com

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