On the morning of June 29, 2018, we awoke to devastating news. Dillon Ojo had passed away.

For anyone who had been fortunate enough to meet Dillon, it only took a total of five seconds to love him. That was just the type of person he was. His energy was contagious and brimming with more vibrancy than one would think possible. He had a way of making everyone around him not only feel valued, but rightfully included and vastly important. He could also make you laugh so hard you cried within the first few minutes of being in his presence. For him, that was just the way things were done.

Moreover than any one attribute, however, for we could type a million words and never come close, Dillon was a person of the community. His relentless love for others and commitment to improving the lives of both his friends and strangers made him a model being within snowboarding and beyond. While the snowboarding world lost one of its most passionate advocates, the world at large lost one of the good guys.

Before his passing, Dillon had been in the preliminary stages of creating a foundation with the intent of sharing his love for snowboarding with underprivileged youth. As such, his family and close friends have since banded together to celebrate his life and complete his mission. Introducing, Lifeline: The Dillon Ojo Foundation.

“The Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation is a Nonprofit organization founded in Memory of Dillon Charles-Ojo. We set up this foundation in order to remember the positive social impact and the love for sports that he projected and embodied… all while having fun! Our aim is to give underprivileged youth opportunities to pursue sports programs, summer camps, and other activities. As a non-profit organization, we plan on being fully transparent as to where we focus our resources.”

You can learn more about the foundation, and purchase a t-shirt in Dillon’s honor to support Lifeline, here.

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