The Eighth Annual Downdown Throwdown In Boston Presented By Lib Tech

It was a typical New England fall day, overcast with a few showers, but the uncharacteristically warm weather made the turn out for the 9th Annual Downtown Throwdown pretty awesome. A few hundred snowboarders and a few handfuls of random people showed up at Boston's City Hall Plaza to catch local snowboarders and professional riders from all around the country compete for 20,000 dollars in cash prizes. After being held in Seattle, San Francisco and Minneapolis, the creators of the DTTD chose Boston for it's character and close proximity to East Coast shred spots like Loon Mountain, and Waterville Valley. "I'm so stoked to bring this event to Boston, when we decided to bring it to the East Coast, this was the obvious choice…plus man…Aerosmith!" said event creator Krush Kulesza.

Sean Genovese, Eric Jackson, and Lib Tech homeboy Scotty Wittlake made up the judging panel while commentators Jesse Burtner and Crab Grab presidente Preston Strout begged the crowd to deliver them Dunkin Donuts. Jamie Lynn, Eric Jackson and Forest Bailey were there signing autographs, and Eastern Boarder and Lib Tech raffled away boards and other good stuff while the event went on.

The competition ran in jam style format with pretty much everyone dropping at once, and the first wild card round gave all the locals who showed up a chance to step it up and compete with the invitees, giving three locals the opportunity to move on to the final round. All in all about 16 eager am's cased their way down the artificial snow slope, but Parker Szumowski, Tim Major and Shaun Murphy were the lucky three that moved on. The am jam was definitely one of the most entertaining parts of the day, many fearless young riders wound up bloody and covered in ice.

The invited riders included Brandon Reis, Ted Borland, Max Warbington, Erik Karlson, Zebbe Landmark, Sam Hulbert, Stefan Krumm, Brandon Hobush, Nial Romanek, Andrew Brewer, Dylan Alito, Jaeger Bailey, Ryan Paul, Ian Boll, Brandon Hammid, Jesse Paul, Spencer Schubert, Johnny O'Connor, Dylan Thompson, Ian Keay, Aiden Flanagan, Tyler Lynch, Mike Ravelson, Frank Bourgeois and Dillon Ojo.

Five winners walked away with prize money, with three time champion Ryan Paul from Minnesota taking the top podium spot and eight grand for pulling the hardest tricks and hitting everything with gnarly speed. Jesse Paul, who's a coach at Windells came in right behind Ryan with second place and five grand in his pocket, not bad for his second time competing in the Downtown Throwdown. Massachusetts native Ted Borland took third for three thousand, Dillon Ojo from Quebec came in fourth and took home two grand. Brandon Reis from New Hampshire pulled a backflip nose grab on the quarter pipe that got him fifth for a thousand clams.

The Podium Looked like this:

First Place: Ryan Paul, $8000

Second Place: Jesse Paul, $5000

Third Place: Ted Borland, $3000

Fourth Place: Dilon Ojo, $2000

Fifth Place: Brandon Reis, $1000

The Crab Grab $500 Seafood Dinner went to Dillon Ojo for his perfectly balanced half-cab nose press back one to switch one line down the course.

The Wicked Pissah Best Trick award went to Jeremy Cloutier for his Pole Jam Transfer Lipslide.

Sponsors of the event included Adidas Snowboarding, Eastern Boarder, Lib Tech, Windells, Loon Mountain, and Dig Boston.

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