Lib Tech Early Release of the Travis Rice Magne-Traction 2 faced Donkephant Series

Lib Technologies and Travis Rice are proud to present his new line of snowboards: The 2 Faced Donkephant Series.

Lib Tech was founded on the premise that a snowboard is a snowboard; you should be able to do everything on a well-designed board*. Travis’s riding fits that philosophy perfectly. He rides everything and his new boards are designed to do just that: park, pipe, slopestyle, backcountry, gnarly steep resort, flat resort, X games, backyard, etc. His board’s feature proven Lib Tech award winning Magne-Traction geometries combined with Axis Inversion construction, H-POP alloy wood core, UHMW double sintered sidewalls and Sintered Bases. Lib Tech Craftsmen artist Quincy Quigg did the 2-faced donkephant artwork. Call your local shop for availability.

Design Focus:

*For psychoLOGICAL shredding advantages, Travis decided to do 2 shapes: a pointy 161.5, and a blunt park/jib 153, and 157.


153 25.3 waist
157 25.8 waist
161.5 26.0 waist


Trice’s boards features:

Magne-Traction geometries, Axis Inversion construction, H-POP alloy, wood core, Power Transfer Internal Sidewalls, and Sintered Bases.

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