Well, what can I say…the summer has pretty much come and gone and the winter is knocking at the door. With that said Level Gloves in pleased to introduce its team for 2005-2006 and a new updated website to go along with them! Its full of rider bios, news, photos and of course info on every glove you could ever want or need! So head on down to your local shop and peep some of the gloves and pick up a pair or two, you will not be disappointed…just ask anyone of the riders on this stacked team!

Here is the line up… Travis Parker, and the glove he designed, the 60’s, made of the finest leather around with the stylish look you would expect from TP! Next is Wille Luoma and his glove the Portland, designed after a Euro car feel and just like the cars, Willes glove will not let you down! Eero Ettala loves to ride in the Falcon, a spring like glove that can be warn in the winter months! JP Tomich likes to keep up on his stylish flair with the Suburban, a spring/pipe glove with a dope printed palm! Jon Kooley loves to rock the New York City for all his rail sessions at “the spot”! Brandon Bybee keeps it hard core like only Bybee can in the L.A., a lightweight glove featuring membra-therm technology! Dionne Delesalle keeps things warm up in Canada in the Option, a very warm yet non-bulky glove with membra-therm plus!

It is also that time of year for all you kids to go out and snatch up all the new video releases, and see what all your favorite riders where up to last season!! Check out the Level team in these new films, Wille and Eero in MDP’s From___, with Love. Travis in Airblaster Films November, and the new DC video. Bybee in Shreddiquette from Alterna Action Films. JP in One Love from F.O.D.T. Dionne in Whiteout Films The Big Blind. And Jon opens up Burning Bridges from Kidsnow Productions. You cannot forget about the much anticipated winter release of AMPED3, everyone’s favorite series of snowboard video game is at it again. Look for Level riders Travis Parker and Wille Luoma as featured riders in the game, and a hard to mistake character voice performance from Brandon Bybee. Also, keep your eyes peeled for Level product throughout the game and for Level’s very own Jason Kimball, with an entertaining role in the new release!! Should be good times for everyone this winter!

In the meantime, head to www.levelgloves.com for info on all the product and updates on all the riders.