Mammoth to Open November 9th

Resorts across at the United States and Canada are busy blowing as much snow in eager anticipation of opening day. Mother Nature has helped their efforts with a few early season storms, so we expect conditions to be prime at some resorts once they finally open for the season.

While not all resorts have set their opening day just yet, we're happy to announce that Mammoth Mountain will open for the 2017-2018 season on Thursday, November 9th.

Will you be there? You know we will be.

Check out what went down last year, and get ready for a rowdy kickoff to winter.

Mammoth Opening Day 2016 Photo: TWSNOW

From Mammoth:

Get the 2017/18 season going with the traditional Broadway Express banner breakthrough and annual beer toast, take some turns and celebrate a new winter season with good times and good friends.

Event Schedule


      7 AM  Free coffee and hot cocoa at Broadway Express    

      7 AM  DJ at Broadway Express

      8:29 AM Countdown to kick off 2017/18

      8:30 AM #MammothsOpen! First chair and annual banner breakthrough at Broadway Express

      11 AM Beer toast

      11:30 AM Live music

      11:30-Closing – RIDING!

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