LeParc des Princes Paris Big Air

First off, the apology: we trusted some reckless sources for our information on the Paris big air. We had at least two TWS employees in the crowd in Paris, however, they were unable to communicate anything about the event back to the home base.

Because of this we were forced to go with information from a certain team manager who screwed up both the final results and the amount of people who were in the stadium.

Apparently there were not 30,000 as we reported before, but more like 18,000. And one report mentioned that though there were many people in attendance, the soccer stadium was so huge that it looked pretty empty.

So for this is all the information we have. We do about 79 percent sure that the following are the correct results. If and when we learn more, this story will be updated.

The result list was:
1. Roger Hjelmstadstuen
2. Michi Albin
3. Andrew Crawford