Leatherman Launches New Tools for Skate and Surf

Leatherman Launches New Tools for Skate and Surf

This fall Leatherman Tools, the original American multi-tool company, will be introducing two new sets of action sports tools to compliment the snowboarding line launched in January. The company is producing a set of skate and surf tools along with modifications specifically for these sports to existing full-size multi-tools and knives.


The Grind and Jam skate tools are designed specifically for assembling and maintaining a board—adjusting/setting trucks, tightening bolts, filing grip tape, etc.—and fall into the company's PocketTool line. The Jam can be used in conjunction with the Leatherman Style® PS mini-multi-tool, by just snapping it into the frame of the Jam. These single-piece tools are lightweight, fit easily in a pocket, or clip onto a belt loop. Users can skate with the tools on, or clip them to a bag. In addition to the pockettools, Leatherman will also be releasing a black pocket knife set, one with a blade only and the other with an integrated set of screwdrivers.  Both knives have a stowable carabiner to carry/open a bottle and a Blade Launcher™ system for quick-deploy.


During the development of the skate tools, Leatherman sought feedback from core brands specific to the industry such as Girl®/Royal® and athletes like Arto Saari. Previously for the snowboarding tools, the company partnered with Signal® SignalSnowboards.com and assembled a team of riders including Brian Fox, Seth Huot, Jake OE, Austin Smith, Curtis Ciszek Danimals, Zac Marben, Kazu Kokubo, Dave Lee, Chris Grenier, Louif Paradis. "They've given us great feedback for adjusting features on the current tools and ideas for new ones in this market," said Product Manager Blair Barnes. "We used to joke that if we gave a tool to our testers in the Marines and they couldn't break it, then we had a winner. Now it's if we can give it to our snowboard team, or friends who skate and they start to use it for everything, not just riding or skating, but things in their everyday life…Then we've succeeded."


For surf in particular, company founder Tim Leatherman's son, Lee, a lifetime surfer and adventure traveler has joined the team to help develop the line. In addition, the company, through Lee has partnered with Cyrus Sutton and Korduroy.TV for feedback, development, and promotion. Together they've started the Local Legendz campaign highlighting locals who are both athletes and community developers; creatives who embody that Leatherman spirit of "getting it done." The campaign is live on Korduroy.TV as well as Tumblr at local-legendz.tumblr.com.


The new surf pockettools, Thruster and Shooter are flat tools that snap into recyclable, polypropylene wax combs. The tools feature screwdrivers, easy-outs, bit drivers, bottle openers, and ring storage. Just like the skate and snow tools, they are small enough to fit in a pocket and have attachments for keys or a pack making them incredibly portable. Leatherman will also be launching another black pocket knife—the c33Sx—with integrated Phillips and 7/32" key for installing and adjusting fins. A modification to the Juice tool called the Juice® SX, will provide a full-size, folding multi-tool that includes pliers, knife, screwdrivers and a 7/32" fin key and more.


The new surf and skate tools will be shipping at the end of October. Snowboarding tools are currently available and shipping. Tools range from $20 up to $80 MSRP and all come with the Leatherman 25-year warranty.