The I FOUND positive group has partnered with YES, NOW, JONES and SLASH brands to create a unique event for their East Coast retailers and the general public.  The event is called Le 20 Mars. On that date they will rent Le Massif du Sud resort outside of Quebec city. They will host a snowboarder-only day where a bunch of friendly contests will take place, followed by a huge family dinner where these rider-driven brands will reward their best customers and core market ambassadors.

“We are very excited to welcome our friends to Le Massif du Sud.” says Guillaume Brochu, president of I FOUND. “This is a dream we’ve had at I FOUND and we couldn’t find better partners than the NDK group brands. We have the common interest of making snowboarding business fun and encouraging retailers to get behind the core brands instead of drowning with the mainstream. This day will show them exactly what our substance is—the love for shredding, smiling, enjoying, and high fives!”

The selected retailers are invited for free and the general public have to pay a 75 dollar entry fee, which include breakfast, dinner and a T-shirt or beanie. There will be free W15 product demos available for the 125 exclusive attendees. As for the competitions, expect the NOW chinese downhill, the JONES mini cliffs banked slalom, the YES pow wow slopestyle and the SLASH photo contest.

The best part of the whole thing is that Le Massif du Sud is closed from Sunday to Friday which makes it a 75 percent chance of powder day. The party will keep on at Le Bureau de Poste restaurant which is co-owned by many famous Quebec snowboarders. DCP is one of them and will be flying from Squamish for the event.


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