The Lake Tahoe region is getting some of this early winter storming as well, check out the photos from Heavenly and Kirkwood for proof. They got between 14-24 inches in the past couple days, and with more cold weather in the forecast they’ve fired up the snowguns for the 2012-2013 season. Looks like winter is coming! The winter outlook is pretty good at this point.

Kirwood 2012-2013 gets 1-2 feet of early snowfall

Kirkwood. These guys got between 14-24 inches over the last 48 hours. PHOTO: Vail Resorts


Man goes snowboarding with his dog at Heavenly, California.

This guy is getting after some pre-season pow turns and taking his dog along. Or maybe it’s the other way around… PHOTO: Vail Resorts


Snowfall at Heavenly California.

Nice and winter-esque at Heavenly. PHOTO: Vail Resorts


Temperatures are fluctuating, but it’ll be well below freezing at night all week. NOAA forecast for South Lake Tahoe: