Lago Returns to TTR #1

Last weekend shook the foundations of Men’s and Women’s Ticket To Ride (TTR) World Snowboard Tour Rankings as back-to-back TTR FIVE(5)STAR events O’Neill Pro Freestyle in Avoriaz, France & Chevrolet Grand Prix, Mt Bachelor, USA provided Quarterpipe, Halfpipe & Slopestyle results and a dramatic shift in rankings as Scotty Lago (USA) yet again claims the TTR World Nr 1 spot.

Tour drama began Friday 02nd February as the FIVE(5)STAR O’Neill Pro Freestyle kicked in with a huge Quarterpipe, a heavy-weight riders’ line-up and perfect conditions in the night Finals in Avoriaz, France. Scandanavian presence had been strong all week with the likes of Fredrik Evensen (NOR), Henning Marthinsen (NOR), Freddie Austbo (NOR) & Miikka Hast (FIN) making an impressive impact on the contest. But it was young local hero, 18-year-old Arthur Longo (FRA) who took the O’Neill Pro Freestyle title & 850 TTR Ranking Points, hitting an incredible 7.5metres off the quarter with a perfectly tweaked backside air. However, snowboard stallion Iouri Podladtchikov (RUS) also claimed success – his tweaked-out backside 720 Japan ensured a 6th result and a ranking jump in the Men’s TTR World Ranking List presented by Swatch from 3rd to TTR World Tour Nr 2. Italy’s snowboard sweetheart Rita Comi (ITA) deservedly took the women’s title with a super-sized 4.5metre backside air, leaving Meri Peltonen (FIN) & Conny Bleicher (GER) with 2nd & 3rd podium positions respectively.

TTR Tour action leaped continents the next day as Saturday 03rd February launched the FIVE(5)STAR Halfpipe contest at the Chevrolet Grand Prix in Mt Bachelor, USA. Steve Fisher’s (USA) epic first run of frontside air, backside 540, frontside 720, cab 720, frontside 900-to-backside method was good enough to maintain the lead over his American rivals including 2nd place Louie Vito (USA) & 3rd place Tommy Czeschin (USA). Kelly Clark (USA) showed her reknown amplitude to take the Women’s Chevrolet Grand Prix Halfpipe title pipping Elena Hight (USA) and Gretchen Bleiler (USA) into 2nd & 3rd places respectively. With only hours between the next day’s contest, the TTR Ranking List presented by Swatch would experience yet another shift.

The third TTR Tour chapter culminated on Sunday 04th February as Chevrolet Grand Prix Slopestyle Finals took place. American Ian Thorley (USA) took the men’s slopestyle crown with a smooth second run featuring a switch backside rodeo, frontside 720 and a backside 720. Fellow rider Tim Humphreys (USA) narrowly edged into 2nd place beating Scotty Lago (USA) into a 3rd place result – paving the way for Lago to sit comfortably back in his TTR World Nr 1 chair for the 13th week this season. Podladtchikov (RUS) drops back into TTR World Nr 4, whilst previous TTR Nr 1, Antti Autti (FIN) climbs down to the respectable TTR World Nr 2 position. With Steve Fisher (USA) climbing up to TTR World Nr 3, 50% of the Men’s TTR TOP 10 is currently claimed by the USA – a good week for American snowboarding.

British flags were raised in celebration as slopestyle queen Jenny Jones (GBR) took first class honours and the contest title, beating Americans Jordan Karlinski (USA) & Ellery Hollingsworth (USA) into 2nd and 3rd places on their home soil. Results, though strong, still haven’t shifted Jamie Anderson (USA) from her current TTR World Nr 1 position as she maintains her hefty lead after an insatiable nine weeks.TTR World Snowboard Tour continues with its next installment with Men’s & Women’s Slopestyle & Halfpipe contests at the TTR FIVE(5)STAR Nissan X-Trail Nippon Open, held in Japan, 20th-25th February.

O’Neill Evolution 07 MEN QUARTERPIPE Top 3

1/ Arthur LONGO (FRA)
3/ Jean-Jacques ROUX (FRA)

O’Neill Evolution 07 WOMEN QUARTERPIPE Top 3

1/ Rita Comi (ITA)
2/ Meri Peltonen (FIN)
3/ Conny Bleicher (GER)

Chevrolet Grand Prix 07 MEN HALFPIPE Top 3

1/ Steve Fisher (USA)
2/ Louie Vito (USA)
3/ Tommy Czeschin (USA)

Chevrolet Grand Prix 07 WOMEN HALFPIPE Top 3

1/ Kelly Clark (USA)
2/ Elena Hight (USA)
3/ Gretchen Bleiler (USA)

Chevrolet Grand Prix 07 MEN SLOPESTYLE Top 3

1/ Ian Thorley (uSA)
2/ Tim Humphreys (USA)
3/ Scotty LAGO (USA)

Chevrolet Grand Prix 07 WOMEN SLOPESTYLE Top 3

1/ Jenny JONES (GBR)
2/ Jordan Karlinski (USA)
3/ Ellery Hollingsworth (USA)