For the second year in a row, Ladies Shred Society hosted its three-day event that kicked off in Southern California and combined snowboarding, camping, surfing, yoga and more.

Founded by board sport enthusiasts, Michaela Eichenbaum and Giulia Bacci, Ladies Shred Society was born from the dire need for more inclusivity in the women's ride scene

"The idea came from attending several women's ride days and feeling a sense of exclusivity. There was a heavier focus on brand integration rather than of empowerment and encouragement. We wanted to do something different," said Michaela Eichenbaum, co-founder of Ladies Shred Society. "Giulia and I both feel passionately about empowering and bringing together women of all abilities, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds."

Last year's event included 16 inspiring women, and this year's turn out was even larger with 50 participants. The weekend featured a range of curated feel-good experiences from an opening dinner and a day at Snow Summit, to yoga and surfing at San Onofre.

The Ladies Shred Society aims to create a community of women with a shared passion for adventure and living life to the fullest through board sports. Ladies Shred Society curates experiences that encourage women to inspire and empower one another.

Check out a glimpse from the action in the gallery above and check out more information here.

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