L1 Hires Jon Kooley as Creative Director

L1 recently announced that they brought in pro rider Jon Kooley as the brand’s new Creative Director. TransWorld Business’ Kailee Bradstreet caught up with him about his new gig.


What is your biggest inspiration for L1?

I think my biggest inspiration for L1 would have to be skating for sure. I also get a lot of inspiration from work wear clothing and random people wearing cool stuff.

L1 has always and will always have one driving vision: Street inspired, team driven outerwear with a focus on quality, fit, and attention to detail," says Kooley. "Breaking the mold has been our philosophy since 2003. We believe that not all snowboard outerwear has to be the same, and not all snowboard outerwear is for everyone. This is the way we do it, it´s not for everyone.


How big of an influence does the team have on the L1 and L1TA designs?

The team has always had a massive influence on the designs. It's been about making stuff the team wants to wear. L1 is a mash up of all of our styles and personalities, which I think is what gives it such a unique look and feel. Jordan, Danny, Ben, Anton, and the rest of the team have been the inspiration for each individual piece.


How long have you been into designing outerwear?

This is my second season really designing, but I've been submitting design ideas for about 6 years now. I have always been into creating outerwear that looks like normal clothing.

What would you like to tell any aspiring snowboarder who wants to be a designer?

I would say practice, possibly intern with a designer if you can, and pay attention to what you see on the mountain. Watch the pros and people doing new and unique things with their style. That will most likely be the trend a few years down the road, and you don't want to be the last one on it.