Korua Shapes is proud to release three unique boards in their new Artist Series, hand-drawn by their friend and ambassador, Aaron Schwartz. These deck are one of a kind, and there are only three total. Check them out and snag yours immediately. Available here. 

From Korua:

Aaron Schwartz joined us on many trips last season and these boards reflect the good times we had together in the mountains. The Apollo 56 (regular) was created at our home resort in Laax, and sums up what we all love about snowboarding. Same goes for the Stealth 56, which was drawn in Japan while we were over there filming for our upcoming movie. The Puzzle 61 was made at the ISPO in Munich, where Aaron asked the people stopping by the Korua booth where they loved to ride, and drew those places on the board. The complete “list” features ~100 resorts and secret spots from all over the world.


Who ever wants one of these should probably act fast. Keep in mind – there is only one of each!

About Korua:

By combining the forgotten, the existing and the infinity of the ways to create and ride unconventional boards of interest and character, we give opportunity to new and unique experiences, simply for the sake of beauty and joy.

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