Klampert and Mcleod Win Vans Triple Crown Slope Style

Wind, hazy skies, and slow snow caused the men’s slopestyle finals to come up extremely short. After most, if not all the competitors consistently cased one jump after the next, the male riders protested the continuation of the contest and declared the course a dump. However, instead of calling the entire contest off, a meeting was held by the judges in a last ditch effort to get the riders to participate.

A small group of riders suggested instead of only the top eight riders being allotted prize money, the twenty riders who made the finals should split the $18,000 purse evenly amongst themselves.

Surprisingly, the judges and the twenty riders agreed. Competitors still competed for placing, but without the thought of winning big cash or having enough speed to clear the jumps, the contest was a dud. Even so, a few riders rode well. These included: Jason Borgstede, with his backside 900 tail grabs, Marc Tarte and his frontside 720’s; and Victor Lawrence who consistently blasted clean airs. First place for the men would be Rahm Klampert who landed back to back Seven’s, followed by Jason Borgstede in second, and Daniel Migneault’s version of a dump truck sliding him into third place.

The women’s finals went on as scheduled and the slow snow didn’t seem to bother them as much as it did the men. Instead of jumping the table tops straight on, most of the women would use them as a hip; jumping diagonal. Some pretty good tricks went down despite the conditions: I saw plenty of methods, 360’s, and even a few 540’s. Jessica Delpiaz threw together some pretty saucy runs, popping mostly straight airs.

Natasha Zurek nailed a big frontside three off the bottom jump, and Katrina killed it with her backside 540’s. In the end it would be Jaime Mcleod with her smooth big backside airs getting her first place, Katrina Warnick in second, and Brittani Scheefer finishing in a respectable third.

The halfpipe faired better than the previous day, and men and women were going large during the semi-finals. Gian Simmen, DCP, and Todd Richards should all be major players in the men’s final, as should Karleen Jeffrey, Kim Bohnsack, and Tara Dakides in the women’s.

Women’s Slopestyle Results

1. Jamie McLeod
2. Katrina Warnick
3. Brittani Scheefer
4. Natasza Zurek
5. Jessica Dalpiaz
6. Tara Zwink
7. Paige Warner
8. Sally Szymaniak
9. Roberta Rodger

Men’s Slopestyle Results
(The men’s final results were taken from Friday’s qualifying rounds. However, the competitors decided to not run a judged final round. Instead, a jam session was held and each of the top 20 competitors divided the prize money evenly, each receiving $900.)

1. Rahm Klampert
2. Jason Borgstede
3. Daniel Migneault
4. Gian Simmen
5. Victor Lowrence
6. Pete Iverson
7. Mutso Yanaguchi
8. Scott Weaver
9. Louie Fountain
10. Fried Kolar
11. Ryan Kronenberg
12. Tyrone Biddle
13. Jesse Burtner
14. Scott Ensminger
15. Justin Lamoureux
16. Bobi Rey
17. Jake Liska
18. Chad Martin
19. Marc-Andre Tarte
20. Joey McQuire