Kirkwood Introduces Beacon Basin

Avalanche Transceiver Training Area

Kirkwood, Calif.- Kirkwood, in partnership with Backcountry Access (BCA), is pleased to introduce the first California site for Beacon Basin. Designed and donated by BCA, this state-of-the-art avalanche transceiver training site features avalanche beacon transmitters buried at various depths that simulate an actual avalanche burial. Originally created for advanced training, Kirkwood will open Beacon Basin to the public on the weekends, offering people a chance to practice with their own equipment. For those who do not have equipment or would like assistance in learning how to use their own avalanche gear, Kirkwood will provide instruction and equipment for guests to use from 11am to 1pm. Use of the training area and equipment, as well as instruction, are free of charge to the public; the site will also be incorporated into Kirkwood’s backcountry awareness courses and cat skiing operations.

“This program is a natural fit for us,” said Tracy Miller, Kirkwood’s marketing manager. “Kirkwood has a Class A avalanche rating and, when conditions permit, allows access to some of the best backcountry terrain in the Tahoe region. Avalanche safety and backcountry awareness are high priorities of resort operations and Beacon Basin is a very useful tool for both our guests and our staff.”

The transmitters have been designed to remain in the snow for a full season before the batteries need to be replaced and can be activated and deactivated via radio signals by means of a control unit. This allows for very realistic practice, since trainees do not know the location of the buried transmitters. The transmitter(s) to be activated may be selected at random by the control unit or deliberately by an individual, making multiple burial situations easy to simulate and practice.

Those seeking more information about Beacon Basin, avalanche awareness courses or cat skiing should call (209) 258-7254.