Its finally here. January 14th, 2008 marks the opening day of the much anticipated Kingvale Terrain Project. Owned and operated by Day Franzen, Shawn Durst and Friends, Kingvale is a snowboarders paradise. The resort is a full on rope toe fed terrain park. Completely covered head to toe with junk, thats right, junk. For a mere $22 per day, you can shred 9-4, and the resort is open till the snow melts. Or, if you are one of the first 200 pass wanting customers, you can get in on a season pass for the ultra low proce of $128.99. The mountain comes fully equipped with a park crew dedicated to making sure that no two weeks are the same on the mountain as well as the 20-30 rails and unique features are always on point. Located 11 miles west of Truckee, CA, Kingvale is guaranteed to be one of the most fun, and different resorts you will ever grace with your presence. Its a little slice of heaven. Come share our love for snowboarding with us. Special thanks to Celtek, 5150, and Ride for their help. For questions, call 530-426-1941, or just email Hope to see you there.