Kinger in Final Nike Hybrid Ad


BEAVERTON, Ore. (February 3, 2000) ¿ Just in time for the X-Games, Nike is “carving” out a place for snowboarding in the third and final spot of the company’s cutting-edge, cross training advertising campaign.

In recent weeks, television viewers have raced with sprinter Marion Jones and slugger Mark McGwire in the wild Nike ad campaign that starts on TV and ends on the Web.

Now, U.S. Snowboard Team member Rob Kingwill gets his turn in a snowboarding spot that debuts this Friday, February 4. Once again, acclaimed music video director Johan Renck creates the illusion that the viewer is actually in the ad.

Created by long-time Nike advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy, the spot (titled “Snowball”) starts with Kingwill on a freeriding snowboard session and landing his patented frontside McTwist. The viewer then tries to match Kingwill’s trick, but faceplants into the snow, unleashing the wrath of a seismic snowball that chases them down the mountain trails. During the run, Kingwill and the viewer fly through trees and icy terrain trying to escape the speeding sphere. Kingwill makes his way down the hill and into the lodge, leaving the viewer outside. As the snowball advances and fills the screen, the action freezes and viewers are given a message: “Continued at”

Intrigued viewers trade the remote for a mouse and log on to Here they can view the TV ad again if they choose, and then view a half-dozen different endings ranging from “hunting snowballs” with Kingwill to taking a dip in a Jacuzzi with the world-class boarder. What has traditionally been a 30-second TV ad experience now has the potential to turn into a 20-minute interactive experience with the brand. Those who are truly inspired by the cross-training message can then, with a few more clicks of the mouse, order a pair of cross-trainer shoes directly from

“Athletes’ idea and image of cross training has changed over the past decade,” said Mike Wilskey, vice president of US Marketing. “We are revolutionizing the Nike cross training line to better fit the lifestyles of today’s athletes whether in the bindings, on the turf or over the track.”

The campaign supports the launch of Nike’s revolutionary new cross training shoe, the Air Cross Trainer II (see photo below). Superior in design and performance, the Air Cross Trainer II is geared for today’s athletes — those who no longer train solely in a gym but invent their own world of sports.