King Of S.N.O.W. Round Seven


Horsefeathers King Of S.N.O.W Round Seven

UPCOMING ROUND 07: BS 540° from Tadej Valentan (SLO)
Hello in round 7. Horsefeathers teamrider Tadej Valentan out of Slovenia is showing you how to do a real nice BS 540°!
Means to you: copy your BS 540° on every similar obstacle (kicker, cliff, drop or whatever you can do a BS 540° on/off) on mother earth with as much style and power as possible. Don’t forget to show your face right into the cam right after sticking your trick!

This round’s winner will get a nice Horsefeathers stuff-package including the Horsefeathers Zeke Jacket – total value about 250,- EUR!


Age: 26
Nationality: Slovenian
Board sizes: 150, 156
Stance: 21, -9, 60+
Tricks: flat spins, long grabs, tweaks…
Best day: filming with buddies and getting bangers
Worst day: getting hurt
Favourite resort: Vogel, Slovenija
Favourite back country: Coast Mountains, B.C.
Favorite country: Slovenija
Food: sushi
Drink: elder juice
Music: hip hop, electro, reggae, rock'n'roll, metal,… depends on mood
Other Sports: downhill, skateboarding
Philosophy: survive and enjoy – just random
Crew: out of nowhere
Anything else:

How did snowboarding become such a big part of your life?
When I was 9, I started to walk sideways so my parents got me a skateboard to make it easier for me. Not. But snowboarding followed skateboarding and I just loved it so much, I didn't think about anything else anymore. You know, that typ, when family friends asked me, what about girls, I answered: Oh I don't have time for this, I'm just snowboarding. Hehe. It's been a lot of fun. I like the girls now too. I guess I've been lucky to be able to do this and I hope it lasts.

Is the fun factor sometimes pushed back by the "need" to shoot?
Sometimes. It's the conditions mostly that make it not fun. You don't feel like hitting a jump where there's most probably hard packed pow or ice down there, but you just try to be productive and hit it anyways. And if you're lucky, it's still fun.

What is a stronger driving force – the snowboarder lifestyle, or the need to push and progress?
I just love to get tighter and brighter pants every year. Neon pink is my color this year. Haha. Defenitely push and progress. As long as I feel I can still progress and not loose the fun, I wanna keep doing it.

What do you do when there is a planned contest, or a shoot and you wake up with less energy than you need?
Try to think about my other options, having a lousy job in an office, flipping burgers or work in a factory, so going shredding is not that bad anymore. Drink some RB, eat some candy, good to go.

How do you keep healthy and in top condition?
I'm not doing any crazy training programs and I should stretch way more than I do. I'm fixing my body when it hurts and when it doesn't, I enjoy it. But yoga is good every once in a while (read every day) and I do a lot of mountain biking in summer, I guess that helps too.

When and where was the best backcountry day ever?
Ever? I couldn't just pick up one. There were so many best ones already. They are just popping up again and again. I was really glad to ride with my buddies from home early this season. We just used to ride parks back in the days and than our ways separated in the last years, everyone did their own thing and this year we built a jump together. Slovenian mountain plus Slovenian buddies, that's what I missed and that definitely made one of the best days for me.

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Winner round 06: Ville Hietalahti out of Finland

Every three consecutive tricks of the current round will be announced in advance. This means that you can stick and film the tricks for the next 4 rounds on one single day in the snow. The upload and user voting will be in the corresponding week of the particular trick. Here we go:

UPCOMING ROUND 08: BS Wallride from Darek Bergmann (CZE)
Playercode Round 08: BS Wallride

UPCOMING ROUND 09: Handplant from Kilian Wiget (SUI)
Playercode Round 09: Handplant

UPCOMING ROUND 10: BS Lipslide from Michi Zirngibl (GER)

This winter is going to be one giant worldwide session!
Every week one of your favourite Horsefeathers-Pros will present a trick you have to imitate within one week and on a similar obstacle. Once you have sticked and filmed the trick you have to upload it as video file to the King of S.N.O.W platform. Needless to say that you should try to copy the trick with as much style as possible in order to get as many judging points as possible in the worldwide ranking. Because in every single round the most gnarly and styled trick will be rewarded with a massive Horsefeathers stuff package.

We will make you rich and famous!
The final of this year's Horsefeathers King of S.N.O.W will take place from 16th – 18th of April in the Horsefeathers Superpark in Planai (AUT). After round 14 the 10 leaders in the global ranking will be invited to Austria (including free accommodation, catering and lift tickets) to rock the final. The winner receive 5.000,- USD prizemoney + worldwide coverage!
On top, you will get a professional photo shooting in the Horsefeathers Superpark built and shaped by Q-Parks and have the chance to shoot some sick shots for the upcoming interviews.
All rules and more infos you will find at
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