King Of S.N.O.W. Contest Returns


King Of S.N.O.W. Contest Returns

-Copy the tricks of the Horsefeather’s Pros
-Win $5,000 usd cash and worldwide coverage
-Weekly prize packages for the best tricks
-Open to everybody, no matter where you live!

After celebrating the grand world premiere last winter which turned out to be a great success, the King of S.N.O.W will proceed on 28th of December 2009 in a slightly modified version with simplified rules. This means that everybody from all over the world now has even a better opportunity to participate in this unique snowboarding event. Once again, the winner will take 5.000 USD of prize money, precious weekly Horsefeathers prize packages and worldwide coverage in leading print and online media platforms – the perfect start-up for your personal snowboard career!

Everybody can participate no matter where you are residing. This is the deal: Every week a Horsefeathers pro rider will show his trick via a video clip at You just have to redo this trick with as much style and thrill as possible on any possible obstacle of your choice, catch your action on video and upload the trick to the online platform. Whoever sticks the trick in the given space of time will get essential round points that will add up in the final ranking and show the real Horsefeathers King of S.N.O.W!


> 1 ROUND – 1 WEEK: The period of one round will be reduced to one week. This means more tricks in a closer time span, more round prizes and more round prize winners.

> ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE UPCOMING TRICKS: From now on, every three consecutive tricks of the current round will be announced in advance. This means that you can stick and film the tricks for the next 4 rounds on one single day in the snow. The upload and user voting will be in the corresponding week of the particular trick.

> IMPROVED JUDGING SYSTEM: Besides the user voting you can gain additional round points in this year’s edition, too. The amount of round points will increase with the complexity of the tricks. You can gain 1 point in round 1 for your accomplished trick plus 1-10 points via the user voting. You can gain 2 points in round 2 for your accomplished trick plus 1-10 points via the user voting and so on. This means that you can get a total amount of 11 points in round 1 respectively 24 points in round 14. The more challenging the tricks the more points you can get. That’s fair play fellas!

> REGISTRATION POSSIBLE 24/7: From now on, you can enter the contest in every single round until the very end of King of S.N.O.W. Therefore, your chances for the overall win are equal even when you enter way after round 1. If you are just eager for the particular round prize, you can participate in single rounds, too.

> RANKING OF NATIONS: Premiering in this year’s edition there is a ranking of nations besides the global ranking. This means that you can directly compete with your national buddies. Everyone who is on top of his country’s ranking will receive a massive Horsefeathers package and some other useful stuff at the end. The only premise is that at least 25 buddies from your country must also compete in the King of S.N.O.W.

> BLUE TOMATO ROOKIE-AWARD: Whoever is on top of the age group 6-15 years in the global ranking will win a unique Blue Tomato Sponsoring including free stuff support and massively reduced prices in the Blue Tomato shops.

> HORSEFEATHERS QUEEN OF S.N.O.W: Attention girls! You can win a complete Horsefeathers Girls Outerwear and Streetwear Combo and a Blue Tomato Streetwear Package if you are the leader in the girl’s ranking and stick at least 5 tricks!

> GRAND FINAL: The final of this year’s Horsefeathers King of S.N.O.W will take place from 16th – 18th of April in the Horsefeathers Superpark in Planai (AUT). After round 14 the 10 leaders in the global ranking will be invited to Austria (including free accommodation, catering and lift tickets) to rock the final. On top, you will get a professional photo shooting in the Horsefeathers Superpark built and shaped by Q-Parks and have the chance to shoot some sick shots for the upcoming interviews.

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