Killington’s Rail 2 Riches Tix Contest


This coming Saturday, December 11, the $15,000 Rails 2 Riches event returns to Killington, Vermont. Peep the rider list, place your bets for Top Men and Woman on the message board below, and you could win a pair of Killy tix.

Rails 2 Riches- Pick the winners and win 2 lift tickets at Killington!!

Rails 2 Riches is going down at Killington on Dec. 11th. Below are the competitor lists for the rider men and women. First person to post the top 3 male riders (1st, 2nd, 3rd) AND top female rider (1st) in the CORRECT ORDER wins! Winner will receive 2 free lift tickets to Killington Resort. You can only pick once, so choose wisely…. Good luck!

MALE RIDERS- Pick who will place 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Sam Blazejewski
Dylan Dragotta
Chris Fredette
Kyle Gola
Luke Haddock
Rob Hallowell
Scotty Hopper
Brian Hopper
Sean Kaulbach
Billy Keil
Ben Kessler
Eric Lamothe
Jeremy Landy
Steve Lauder
Johnny Lazz
Nick Legere
Tyler Lynch
Kade Madsen
Christian Mare
Adolfo Massari
Tanner McCarty
Justin Melanson
Shaun Murphy
John Murphy
Sean Neary
Riley Nickerson
Johnny O’Connor
Michael Ravelson
Brandon Rego
Matt Shaffer
Nick Sisco
Jeff Sponzo
Eric Verillo
Alexander Von Braun
Christopher Waker
Tyler Watson
Ian Waye
Tommy Weiss
Jordan Wells
Zachary Wilmot

FEMALE RIDERS- Pick who will win 1st

Bekah Ashley
Meghan Dorsey
Taylor Elliott
Elise Fugowski
Jessa Gilbert
Emma Graham
Cassandra Herbes
Jordan Parks
Laura Rogoski
Ashley Tuttle

Hope to see you here!