This is Mikey LeBlanc reporting to you live from the United States of Amerikkka. We are living in a world of deceit and lies over here, except for the soon to be released documentary of more than ten snowboarders in an eye popping, mind melting, life changing, brain chilling video extravaganza, that doesn’t even matter. We have Marc Frank Montoya. We have Jordan Mendenhall. We have Mikey LeBlanc. We have Darrel Mathes, Jon Kooley, and Justin Hebbel. Andrew Crawford, Justin Benny, Etienne Gilbert, Rube Goldberg, Andy Forgash, Scotty Wittlake, and Eric Christensen. And we have friends. But who needs ’em. Well we do … we have J2, Matty Ryan, Pricilla Levac, and a few more randoms.

If you saw loveHATE last year than forget about it. Because Burning Bridges from kidsknow productions will be alot like it with the addition of quite a few riders, alot more powder, bigger jumps, less handrails, more weed, less cigarettes, more super eight, less sun (this was not planned), and more fun. And we guarantee the best soundtrack ever in a snowboarding film ever (to us). Burning Bridges will not let you down, and will be the last video you still watch in March of 2006 when you are sick of all the other videos you liked more than Burning Bridges when you originally bought them back in September of 2005 for some reason. Probably because its way less like watching a football game. Or a manly man competition.

(The above promotional release for Burning Bridges was written by Mikey LeBlanc for kidsknow productions, but does not necessarily represent the beliefs of Mikey LeBlanc, or of kidsknow productions. Because he and they are the same thing, and they both don’t care.)