Is Launched

(OPTION-NFA, Vancouver, BC) ¿ The Italian Stallion, Stands Alone, Sam Malone… Whatever you call him, he still goes by the name Kevin Sansalone.

The former X-Games champ has just recently launched his new and very personal website. ” I paid a lot of money to have this site made, so you better come and check it out!” stated Mr. Sansalone.

The URL, has everything from Kevin’s personal bio, his list of sponsors (hey Kevin, think you could squeeze any more on that list!), video clips and photos of all the sports he performs and his many printed interviews, from such acclaimed magazines as Transworld Snowboarding and Snowboard Canada to name a few.

“Not bad for an overpaid snowboard pro”, says Option-NFA’s Aaron Macdonald, “I’ve been to many a site lately and this has got to be one of the most informative and creative I’ve seen so far”.

Don’t delay; join Kevin’s mailing list today!

Veteran Snowboarder Kevin Sansalone, would like to thank OPTION-NFA, 32 Boots, Dragon Optical, Etnies, RDS, GMC Gloves, Troy Lee, Freestyle Watches. Be sure to check out Kevin’s other personal page at, to be launched middle of June.