Kevin Jones Pro Fly Fisherman?

June 18, 2002

Kevin Jones, one of the most decorated (holding a total of nine medals at X Games events alone) and diverse snowboarders in the history of the sport, has put his snowboard aside to compete in another outdoor sport next month: Fly Fishing. Jones, an avid fly fisherman, will compete amongst 11 fellow pros in the ESPN Great Outdoor Games.

The Great Outdoor Games Fly Fishing tournament features just 12 elite anglers in a two-part event: the Casting Competition, which determines the final competition’s seeds, and the final Fishing Tournament. Full details on the event can be found on

“I enjoy fly fishing and I think it’s great that I get to experience something that puts me outside of my element,” said an enthusiastic Jones, who frequently discusses his love for fly fishing in snowboard-related media interviews. “I’m not expecting to win or anything, these guys are heavy hitters.”

The ESPN Great Outdoor Games is an annual multi-sport outdoor extravaganza that features world-class athletes from more than 29 states and four countries who compete for medals and prize money in four sport categories: Sporting Dogs, Fishing, Target Sports and Timber Events. The event runs from July 11 – 14 in Lake Placid, New York. The Great Outdoor Games will air on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2 July 20 – 23.