Kevin Jones And Jeenyus Part Ways

After 3 years of working together, the folks at Jeenyus and Kevin Jones have decided to go their separate ways. “Kevin has brought a lot to Jeenyus over the past few years, but as it sometimes happens, we each have our own ideas we want to follow. We wish Kevin the best of luck in what he has brewing for the years to come.” stated Four Star Distribution’s Director of Marketing Dan McNamara. “Kevin has been a part of the brand since day one and has been a key part of bringing the Jeenyus team together,” added McNamara, “the influence he has had on Jeenyus and snowboarding in general will continue to forge ahead in the years to come.”

In other Jeenyus news, Eddie Wall, Tara Dakides and Andreas Wiig will be appearing in Defective Film’s Promo Copy, and new Am Team addition, Joe Eddy will be appearing in MDP’s Chulksmack, both premiering in September. Also be on the lookout for Utah’s Jake Welch, one of Eddie’s young recruits, who was also just added onto the Am roster.

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