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Photos: Chris Wellhausen

Well the ladies just took to the superpipe, and man did things go down. It was foggy, snowing, and warm, but that didn’t stop any of the ladies, which included Kaitlyn Farrington, Queralt Castellet, Arielle Gold, Torah Bright, Maddie Schaffrick and Hannah Teeter. These girls didn’t let anything hold them back. Stand outs from the event include Torah Brights air to fakie to cab 720, Kaitlyn’s back to back 9’s and Arielle Gold‘s amazing methods. She has such a sick method.

Let’s just get this out of the way right now, Elena Hight did a double cork. That’s right there’s double corks now in women’s snowboarding. She did one of the raddest ally-oop double backside rodeos we’ve ever seen. It was high, grabbed, and super stylish. It was sick. And in some peoples eyes should have given her the win.

But she didn’t win. Kelly Clark won. And she goes way higher than everyone else. Actually she goes on average four feet higher than every other lady in the competition. She goes huge, she doe 1080’s and she’s sick. But now that the double’s in the game, she’s going to have to learn one of those. Which double you ask? Well we have a hunch she’s going to  be doing frontside doubles really soon…

Kelly Clark’s winning run:

Elena Hight’s second place run:

Arielle Gold’s third place run:



1. Kelly Clark

2. Elena Hight

3.Arielle Gold



Your women’s podium! From L to R Elena Hight, Kelly Clark, and Arielle Gold. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen