K2uesdays at 1Up in Denver

Snowboarding in the Rockies presents K2uesdays at 1Up in Denver, Tuesday December 13, 2011. Over $3,000 in prizes, 2 Bambooyah! skate decks, 2 boots – (M) T1 & (W) Lockheart, 2 bindings – (M) Formula & (W) Yeah Yeah, 2 snowboards – (M) turbo dream & (W) Eco Pop. There will also be a ton of SWAG to give away including hoodies, beanies, T’s, hats, backpacks, gloves, board bags, boot bags and a lot more!!! Sign up from 8PM to 10PM games start at 10PM-ish playing pinball, jenga, skeeball and selected video games for prizes…

In addition to the gaming festivities provided from the bar, we would also like to invite you to come ollie to WIN A BRAND NEW FASTPLANT SNOWBAORD!!! If you can POP higher than everyone else you could end up in Stevens Pass, WA at Kamp K2 to battle the rest of the POP THIS! champions from around the world. The winner from KAMP K2 will be crowned WORLD OLLIE CHAMP!!! We will provide a board and bindings but you need to your own boots (REPEAT – YOU NEED BOOTS!) You can ride your own board. No drunk ollies! Came be a champion! For more information go to facebook.com/k2snowboaring.coutwy <http://facebook.com/k2snowboaring.coutwy>

Join us at The 1 up and play “Games for Gear” while enjoying HAPPY HOUR pricing all thru the night on select items including $1.75 beers, $1.75 vodka Jones & .50 Mad Dog shots