K2 Team Updates

Now, we’re not one to gossip, spread rumors or promote idle chit-chat, but we’re gonna. This is the true word on the K2 team . . . world-wide information contained within. This is your Anecdotal Medicine.

Let’s start with Wille Yli-Luoma because he’s always doing something. So, while in Helsinki, Finland, Wille acted as wedding photographer for Neil Goss and Joanna Laajisto. Wille was spruced with his model-like shoulder length hair, white Volcom suit and Hasselblad in hand. One bottle of Vodka and a half hour later the creative juices were flowing. Good images. Fast forward 7 hours: 3am, Wille sleeping in the middle of the road outside a bar. If Wille has one thing going for him it’s that he has friends who look out for him.

Onto Bobby Meeks, the second most notorious of the group. Now for all who saw TB 9 it is no surprise that Meeks isn’t afraid to don a Speedo and double back flip off an 80 foot tower into 9.5 feet of water. Replace the Speedo with a Pirate costume and that is exactly what Bobbo is doing right now in glorious Salem, Oregon at the Oregon State Fair. Travis Parker and friends went to see him perform and all accounts confirm that Meeks has hooked up with the girl at the cotton-candy booth, another beauty at the “world’s smallest horse (not a pony)” booth, and the one other girl in the Pirate diving show. Well, maybe it’s not confirmed rumor, but one could imagine, right?

While Meeks is piking off the high-dive, Travis and Louie Fountain are both busy being complete homowners. They love it. Wake up, go to Home Depot, back to the house for some yard work, back to Home Depot for miscelanious itemry, BBQ pounds of beef (some Boca’s for the hippie friends), hang out and go to sleep. This is the life of a homeowner .

It’s good they’re posting up and throwing some chills because the shop tours and video premiers are right around the corner. This year the team will find themselves from coast-to-coast in the States, over to Tokyo, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Canada.

While Travis, Louie, Wille, and Savard own houses, Jon Kooley is just starting to save for a down payment on his future house. With a sick new video parts in Mack Dawg’s Shakedown, JB Deuce’s Steezin for no Reason, and photos all up in Transworld and Snowboarder, his incentive check will give him a huge jump start, for real. He’s also getting some mad welding skills. He already has some pieced-together rails that he and his friends will be taking to secret spots during the early season. Shh. Nobody tell or all the SLC kids will be there.

Of course everyone wants to know what K2’s newest team rider, Gretchen Bleiler, is up to, right? Fo’ sho! With such a crazy schedule it was hard to catch up with her: she spent several weeks at Mt. Hood shreddin’ with the other Olympic hopefuls, shot her new K2 ad, went to So. Cal to chill out, down to Chile for a week, then she’s off to New York for a much anticipated photo shoot/interview with FHM, back west for a photo shoot/interview with Outside magazine, down to New Zealand to film, and back to the Northwest to visit K2 and her other sponsors. I’m tired just writing what she’s up to. So you know she’s beat.

And in one last bit of news – K2 Snowboarding would like to send out a huge Congrats to Kevin English and long time girlfriend & pro shredder Kim Bohnsack who got engaged last week in Europe. Good luck – you’re the first one from the inhouse crew, Kev!

K2003 – check out www.k2snowboarding for photos of Bobby and Wille.