K2 X Nikita “My Favorite Things” Contest Results


After intense deliberation, the results for the K2 & Nikita “My Favorite Things” Contest from the November 2010 issue of TransWorld SNOWboarding has been chosen.

Congratulations go out to Shelby Layman, for constructing the creative, delicious, and relaxing “CoolOffs”. Combing outdoor showers and ice cream trucks, the deciding vote was cast with the line, “This thing would be so rad up at Hood in the summer.” Shelby will receive a full K2 X Nikita Snowboarding collaboration setup (http://k2snowboarding.com/k2women), and full outwear kit from Nikita (http://www.nikitaclothing.com).

"Cooloffs" - Ice Cream Trucks X Outdoor Showers — Shelby Layman

"CoolOffs" - Ice Cream Trucks X Outdoor Showers — Shelby Layman

The Winning Explanation:

Two of my favorite things I’d like to combine:  ICE CREAM TRUCKS and OUTDOOR SHOWERS!

Why are they so rad, you ask?

Well Ice Cream trucks in themselves are just fantastic. I can’t tell you why the same thing you can buy in bulk at Sam’s club tastes so much better when it comes over priced and out of a sketchy looking snack bar on wheels, but it just does. Maybe it’s the element of surprise. You could have the Ice Cream truck local schedule memorized and yet still be a little shocked when you hear the “do do dodo do do dodo do do” rounding the block. Or, maybe it’s the thrill of the chase. A little adrenaline can go a long way; even parents of kids will throw their arms around and turn on their best wog (walk-jog) when they think no one is looking. Ice Cream Trucks give everyone an excuse to act a little funny and provide relief from that scolding summer hotness.

On the other hand, Outdoor Showers are also very rad. Here’s why:
-Showers get you clean; being clean feels great-Naked and Outside.
-Thrilling. It’s almost like you’re getting away with something.
-Hot day and cool water. Relief from sun, without having to miss out by going inside.
-Cool night and warm water. You know, that cool breeze when you’re steaming hot.

The outcome would be uber cool. A traveling truck that sells ice cream and showers! It’s pretty self explanatory but I thought a detailed model was in order.

~ Shelby Layman ~


Honorable Mentions

Chapstick X Egg Rolls — Megan Regney

Chapstick X Egg Rolls — Megan Regney

"Café Monarch" – Ice Cream Shop X Outdoor Hot Tub Lounge — Dorothy Beck

"Non-Explosive Potassium Water" – Bananas X Water — Kristen Wheeler


Recliners X Skydiving — Samantha, Durango, Colo”RAD”o

Rope Swings X Backcountry Drops — Mandy TwitchellBed X Water Fountain – Clair Sick

Snowboard Parks X Animal Zoos — Kathleen Stratton

“Eagord / Sneagle” – Snowboard X Eagle — Wesley Lapointe

A Snowboard Made With Red Wine and Chocolate — Hailey Mroczek

Park Features X Musical Notation — Stephanie Hannon

Mac & Cheese X Old Bay Seasoning — Stephanie Morris

“Car-B-Que” – 1973 Dodge Challenger X Eating BBQ Meat — Whitney Thorpe

Passion X Career — Molly McKinlay

Gummy Bears X Kool-Aid — Lukas Kelsey-Friedeman

Sliding Downhill X Looking Good — Samantha, Durango, Colo”RAD”o