K-Five Magic Carpet Slide

The eagerness to carve some turns in snow is very strong in October. Come on, you all know what I mean; it has been a long time since you jibbed or carved anything white. Winter is almost here and all snowboarders are feeling the pull of mountains.

Well K-Five is a board shop in Encinitas, CA that provided some lucky snow sliders with an outlet to fulfill their pre season urges. In the middle of their parking lot, K-Five built a little bootleg ledge and hired an ice company to bring in some snow. The “park” was about one story tall and the riders had one obstacle. A little 10 flat to 10 down hubba ledge, complete with a snow landing. I will not lie, it was pretty small but everyone was having a blast so who cares that it might not be seen in the Mack Dawgs next flick. Everyone dug it and that’s what counts. JP Walker, Tara Dakides, Chris Englesman and other were hanging in the zone but failed to ride the ledge. A bunch of cool vendors had booths set up and K Five was having a sale so there was plenty to see. A nice crowd milled about to check the action.

To make things interesting $1000 was put on the line for a little jib contest. Rahm Klampert, Travis Kennedy, Alexis Waite and 17 others entered the contest. It was really cool to see what some good snowboarders can do with a small obstacle. The twenty riders worked the ledge for an hour or so and then the field was narrowed down to six. The riders themselves did the voting so it was probably fair.

The final six were; Brad Johnson, Travis Kennedy, Josh Cortez, Clayton Shoemaker, Steve Brown and Chris Bradshaw. If I spelt anyone’s name wrong, I am sorry because I do not think the results were even written down. When following up to get the correct spelling of the riders names, the only answer I got was “I don’t know” Anyway, many of the riders ripped but it took combos to get into the top 6. Stuff like a switch nose press to180 back lip, stuff like that. It kinda looked like Travis Kennedy was the one to beat in practice but the top three ended up being Brandon Johnson, Steve Brown and Chris Bradshaw. Chris got the $1000 but he felt that his bro Brandon should have won. You gotta love the camaraderie of boarders. Thanks to K-Five for bringing the snow to sunny San Diego, it was cool.

Kind of a side note, but it must be said that Mason Aguirre (a hot up and coming shredder) drove down from Mammoth to enter but busted his arm the night before. You see, Mason and some friends managed to get some shaved ice from a local hockey rink and set up a rail. Well it does not take a genius to figure out that Mason broke his arm riding said rail. Hope he gets better for the upcoming pipe season!

That’s not all, we got a few words form the riders, read on?..

Alexis Waite

TWS: What brought you out today, the sun, the snow, the big money?

Alexis: Snowboarding in Encinitas brought me out today.

TWS: The uniqueness of it all?

Alexis: yea, I had to check it out.

TWS: How was it shreddin with 20 guys?

Alexis: It’s all right! I didn’t know most of them; I usually know most of the dudes I ride with. It was fun, it was a good atmosphere

TWS: Was that the most radical hit you have ever done?

Alexis: Definitely (laughing) it was insane.

TWS: Hella challenging?

Alexis: The craziest thing I have ever done.

TWS: Just a good time out in the sun.

Alexis: It was one of those things that was so simple it was almost hard.

TWS: yea

Alexis: If that makes any sense (laughs) it was definitely fun, I just came out to have fun

Chris Bradshaw, the winner

TWS: So?Uhhh you stoked you won (dumb question)?

Chris: Yea, really stoked.

TWS: You beat all the heavies.

Chris: No my friend beat me, Brandon Johnson.

Brandon: Yea right!

Chris: That’s how contests go, I guess.

TWS: What was the winning trick?

Chris: Cab 5-0, Switch 5-0, 180 out, half cab out

TWS: Did you do that?

Chris: No, Brandon?s, that was the trick.

TWS: What was yourr best trick?Chris, I don’t know, it was kinda weird with no lip or snow in the run-in but it was fun.

TWS: What about snowboarding in Encinitas?

Chris: It was fun! I did not think it would be that good but it was great. I liked it a lot, fun as it could be.