Jussi Tarvainen Steps To The Rome SDS Pro Team.

An original member of the AmArmy dating back to the brand’s launch in 2001, Jussi Tarvainen has recently been promoted to the pro team at the Rome Snowboard Design Syndicate.

He has just wrapped up back-to-back years with the dominant part in Neoproto’s video releases, including the final part in this year’s “Everyday Something”. From crazy smooth front boards to backcountry powder jumping, Jussi’s part stands out in the film. Add to that a bunch of mag coverage in the US and Europe, and it was clear to the SDS that Jussi had a break-out year worthy of stepping out of the AmArmy and into the pro team.

And Rome isn’t the only one recognizing Jussi’s riding. For the coming season, Jussi is one of the new additions to Justin Hostynek’s and Patrick Armbruster’s roster of riders at Absinthe to film for the follow-up to “Pop”. He’ll start the season filming select handrails in Finland, and then it’s into the mountains of Europe and North America to ride backcountry jumps and lines.

A member of the Trulli clan (if you couldn’t guess by his name, Jussi is Finnish), he’ll also have a part in the Trulli documentary video coming out next fall.

Beyond riding, Jussi spends a ton of time designing art and websites. He’s always been active in the graphic design process at Rome, often giving blunt opinions on what he likes and doesn’t like-and the product has been better because of it. As a member of the pro team, his strong opinions will definitely continue, and the SDS will continue to listen.

For more on Jussi’s riding, to check out some of his art, or to just find out what his favorite candy is this week, drop in to www.jussitarvainen.com.

Thanks for listening.

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