Jussi Oksanen Joins WE

Jussi is one of the most respected snowboarders. Jussi’s top results in the premier snowboardcontests around the world witnesses about his competitive skills and just recently he came in 2nd place in slope style at the US Open in Stratton.

But it’s not Jussi’s results from contests that snowboarders come to think about when you mention his name. It’s his video parts in the best snowboard videos from the last couple of years.”We’ve known Jussi for many years and always admired his style and innovative tricks.He’s one of those guys whose video part you always looking forward to see in a snowboardvideo,”says David Hedman, former pro snowboarder and marketing director of We International.

Right now Jussi is on his way up to Alaska for another round of filming so we could get himon the phone, but before he left to AK he managed to send an email saying:

-I’m stoked to be a part of WE as I like the whole thing they’re doing! It all sounds really good what you guys are planning to do…World known photographer Vincent Skoglund who’s been shooting a lot with Jussi the last couple of years and is probably the person who has seen Jussi riding most in the last few months, is full of confidence:

— I know what WE stands for and where to the company is striving, I also know Jussi reallywell. All I can see is these two parts will it together as the hand in the glove.Greger Hagelin CEO of We International isn’t that convinced…

— I don’t like finnish heavy metal freaks that much. All they do is drinking Koskenkorva(Greger prefers Absolut Vodka) and fighting with knives (Greger prefers full contact karate). Ican’t respect Jussi until he gets me down in the sumo wrestling game. Jussi know this and I’m just waiting for his call…

Facts about Jussi Oksanen

Born: September 5, 1979

Home base: Kirkkonummi, Finland

Hobbies: Take lots of photos, play golf and fishing.

Other sponsors: Burton Snowboards, Smith Optics, Makia, DVS

Favorite music: Beck and Coldplay

Favorite video part (snowboard): Jamie Lynn and Ingemar Backman’s part in “Melt Down Project.