Jonathan Truchon Steals the Show at the Ride Shakedown Rail Jam 2014

Maxence Parrot Earns Best Trick

Saint-Sauveur, April 4, 2014 – The 13th edition of the Ride Shakedown, presented by Videotron Mobile, was greeted with sunshine on Friday at Mont St-Sauveur. As is tradition, participants had to perform on a unique set of features that offered endless possibilities. The numerous types of rails in close proximity offered athletes a chance to demonstrate their creativity by executing combination tricks. The course equally housed a number of integrated Videotron Mobile box seats, one of which sat above the course, allowing spectators to be at the heart of the action.

The Empire jump provided Big Air athletes with even more height and momentum, thus allowing them to outdo themselves and execute more complex tricks. This year, the main competition is ranked a 5star event on the World Snowboard Tour, while the amateur qualification, which took place Friday afternoon, is ranked a 3star event.

Jo Truchon. Ride Shakedown 2014

Jo Truchon. Ride Shakedown 2014


Jonathan Truchon (23 years old) of Chicoutimi was crowned champion of the Coors Light Rail Jam. He used every rail feature available and executed a number of bold tricks such as a backflip to boardslide and a huge transfer gap to lip boardslide. He was in a tight race with Antonin Chamberland for the title. Olympian  Maxence Parrot's 50-50 backside 360 gap out to 50-50 frontside 180-out was one of the many tricks that earned him Best Trick.

This year, the Rail Jam prize purse was revamped; not only did the rail jam champion earn a $3,500 prize, he also took home a surf trip to Punta de Mita, Mexico, where he will be staying at Hotel Cinco. The winner of Best Trick earned a grand prize of $2,000 and all other Rail Jam finalist earned a $500 prize purse. During the Coors Light Rail Jam qualification round, Quebec natives  Nicolas Tremblay (22 years old),  Francis Jobin (15 years old), and  Jonathan Tremblay (22 years old) displayed the most originality and diversity in their tricks, which earned them top points with the judges. They moved forward to the semifinal, where they competed against invited professionals. Both Nicolas and Jonathan later made their way to the Rail Jam final. Among the 31 riders who took part in the amateur qualification, the top three earned a ticket to Saturday's semifinal where they will join 40 invited professionals.  John Herald (18 years old) of of Canton, Massachussetts, also earned both a victory and a trip to Punta de Mita for his performance in the qualification round. The American rider set himself apart with the level of precision he demonstrated and a solid execution of a backside double cork 1080 on the Big Air.

Quebec natives  Philippe Fournier (21 years old) of Matane, and  Michel Gregoire (20 years old) of St-Augustin-de-Desmares, also set themselves apart from the crowd of eager amateurs. They finished respectively second and third, earning them a spot in Saturday's semifinal.


Saturday is not to be missed! The day kicks off at 10 a.m. with a practice session for professional athletes, followed by the Snowboard Canada Magazine autograph session. Come meet your favourite pro riders before they head to the course for the long awaited semi-final round at 2:45 p.m. During downtime, enjoy the many activities available in the partner village. Don't miss the mini-pro halftime show at 5 p.m., where young riders aged 13 years and under will take on the rail setup. As always, the skateboard halftime show will take place at 5:45 p.m. on the same rail feature as snowboarders. As of 7:30 p.m., Mont Saint-Sauveur will be taken by storm as the final unfolds. Once the winner is announced, it's off to the Mont Avila cafeteria for the official Ride Shakedown afterparty presented by Coors Light.