JLA On Ebay

After a big boost from a group of generous local donors, the Volcom Brother’s Skate Park in Mammoth is almost funded. Mammoth is finally getting some snow, and the focus is switching towards the mountain, but the upcoming summer will be an exciting one for local skaters. The park, being constructed in honor of Jeff Anderson, is decidedly one of the best concrete skate spots in the country, and is going through the final phases of construction.

The rail-laced street course is the latest addition, and will prove to complement the bowls well. To fund the final costs of the park, we are once again auctioning snowboards on eBay that have been donated by top names in the industry. In the past months, we’ve auctioned off boards from such riders as Eddie Wall, Tara Dakides, Kier Dillon, Kelly Clark, Marc Franc Montoya and Ross Powers, just to name a few. Most are autographed, and some, such as Keir’s Raven from the 2004 X Games pipe, have a fascinating history behind them.

This week, we’ve got a couple of boards from Burton’s UNINC line. The first is a brand new 154 from JP Solberg. The second, and one of the most exciting thus far, is Gigi Ruf’s used 156. Gigi autographed the board and drew tributes to Jeff all over the place. It is in good shape, and would make a great wall decoration or ride for the winter. These auctions will only run for a week, so get bidding!

Next up, we’ll have a Lib Tech from Travis Rice. The board is brand new and painted with all sorts of tributes to Jeff, straight from Travis himself! Be on the lookout.

Brand New JP Solberg 154

Autographed Gigi Ruf 156