JLA On eBay 3

The second batch of boards benefiting Mammoth’s Volcom Brother’s Skate Park and the JLA Foundation have been auctioned on eBay, and a few riders came away with some amazing deals. One girl picked up a brand new Gretchen Bleiler autographed K2 mix for $200, and another scored Kelly Clark’s barely-used Burton Code for only $140.

For those who have been out of the picture in recent weeks, a bunch of pro riders donated their boards, used and not, to the JLA Foundation, which was established in honor of Jeff Anderson. The boards are all being auctioned on eBay, and all the proceeds are going into the park, which is being built in Jeff’s memory. The foundation is still in need of about $20,000 to fund the final construction of the park, and with each eBay auction, we get closer to achieving the goal. People are skating what has been built so far, and everyone agrees it is one of the best concrete parks in North America. This week, we have a brand new 160 Burton Uninc from DCP and Josh Dirksen’s 158 Salomon Era that was only used in 2004’s legendary Mt. Baker Banked Slalom. Keep an eye on these auctions, because someone is going to walk away with a crazy deal.

Josh Dirksen’s Salomon 158 Era Snowboard, signed

Brand New Burton 160 UNINC snowboard, signed by DCP