JLA Ebay

On September twenty-fourth, the town of Mammoth Lakes celebrated the dedication of the brand new Volcom Brother’s Skate Park. The Grindline-built masterpiece, which is being constructed in honor of deceased snowboarder, artist and Mammoth local, Jeff Anderson, is proving to be one of the best concrete parks in the country. It is a project that has united the town, the action sports industry, and many of snowboarding’s biggest names.

While the park is still being skated daily, many don’t realize that the construction and building costs are not complete.

In order to fund the remaining expenses, another $25,000 needs to be raised. As has happened throughout the life-span of the project, top pros in the industry have come together to see that the money is found. In this last-pitch effort, a host of pros have donated autographed boards and other one-of-a-kind items relating to the action sports industry (even an autographed skate deck from Bam!). The items, which are tax-deductible purchases, are being auctioned on Ebay as we speak, with many more to be added over the coming weeks. Each item will go on ten-day intervals. So, with winter at our heels, why not throw down for a great cause and pick up some timeless memorabilia?

Right now, until the evening of November third, these three items will be auctioned (simply cut and paste the description into the Ebay search bar, or click the link)

Bam Element Skateboard Deck, signed

Dave Downing’s 156 Burton Custom Snowboard, signed

Shannon Dunn’s Burton Feelgood Snowboard, signed

In the following weeks, watch for a board and host of gear from Eddie Wall, boards from Kier Dillon, DCP, Kelly Clark, Kyle Clancy and Zack Leach, Mark Frank, Ross Powers, Chris Coulter, Lukas Huffman, Josh Dirksen and tons of other cool stuff.