JLA eBay is Back!!

The eBay auctions benefiting the JLA Foundation have resumed, and we have just put some really exciting boards online.

The first is a Gnu Barrett Christy 152 Pro that was used briefly by Barrett. The usage was limited to a few runs, as the base and top sheet are basically brand new. She decorated the board with stickers from her sponsors.

The second is a 157 Gnu Jamie Lynn 10-Year Anniversary board that appears to be brand new. Like the Christy board, it was donated and decorated-up by Jamie himself. These boards are going to go cheap, as the auctions are set for three and five days, respectively.

For those that missed these auctions earlier in the season, a slew of the world’s top riders donated a bunch of boards to the JLA Foundation, and all the money is going into Mammoth’s new skate park which is being built in honor of Jeff Anderson. The park was nearly finished, but Jeff’s mom recently announced that another 10,000 square feet will be added to the park in the form of a kids, beginners and disabled-athletes learning arena.

In the next few weeks, the most exciting items of the year-long auctions will go to eBay. Shaun White signed and donated a bunch of Olympic flags from Torino, and has donated them to the foundation. A package will be put together featuring a signed flag and Jeff’s old Burton Fish. Keep an eye out and have fun shredding this wonderful February pow.

Gnu Barrett Christy 152 Pro

Gnu Jamie Lynn 157