Jesse Fox Added to NFA


NFA outerwear is pleased to announce the addition of Jesse Fox to its expanding Pro Team.  Jesse had this to say about the recent signing “I haven’t had a change this big in my life since puberty.  That worked out for the better, so I’m really excited to be a part of the changes at NFA.      

Jesse is known for being one of the most stylish men in snowboarding, both on and off the slopes, possessing a unique look that is recognizable wherever he goes.  Coming off his strongest season yet, Fox filmed a standout part for Whiteout Productions ‘Wear it Well’ that showcases his innovative snowboarding techniques both on rails and in the backcountry.       

“Jesse has been somewhat of a style icon for years now.  He has always taken his own path and doesn’t mindlessly follow industry fashion trends, comments Marketing Manager Andrew Sayer.  “Getting Jesse involved in the design process will help send NFA to the next level.      

Next season will once again have Jesse shredding the Whistler backcountry and traveling around the world filming for Whiteout Productions and representing NFA outerwear to the fullest.