Jeenyus Team Update

Jeenyus has added Finnish all terrain killer Iikka Backstrom the squad. Iikka has been on the scene for a while now, throwing down most recently in last season’s Defective Films release Promo Copy, and always taking things to an unknown level with Trulli Clan partner in crime Lauri Heiskari. Iikka is filming for next season with Whiteout Films, and has already clocked some serious time onundercover rail missions back home. Iikka is now here to spend his winter in North America filming in Whistler, Tahoe, and wherever else the wind maytake him.

In other Jeenyus happenings, Eddie Wall has been unstoppable in the early season. Eddie has probably clocked more powder days in a row in Decemberthan any of us ever have. Eddie has been filming since early December, starting with the compulsory Finnish rail missions and then heading to theReno/Tahoe area for some rail and pow trickery. Eddie is currently in Tahoe filming for his 15th consecutive day in a row. Better book a massage upthere buddy.

Ams Joe Eddy and Jake Welch have been running around lately as well. They both went to the Mt. Bachelor Grand Prix, hitting the contest circuit and going for those coveted Olympic qualifying points. Joe is filming with Soldiers of the Frozen Battlefield for this season and Jake is keeping busy with contests and taking money from Program reps in C-Lo games into the wee hours of the morning. All this and learning new tricks from Peter Line in the Mammoth pipe. More to come soon…