We at Nitro and Raiden have wanted Janna to ride for us since the beginning. Janna is on her own level when it comes to the world of snowboarding. She has been a role model for snowboarding before companies needed to have women on their team to fill a demographic.

She has been chosen Rider of the Year, had 10 consecutive first place finishes ranging from the X-games to the Open. Janna has been on top of her game since she started snowboarding. Shit, she just kicks ass! We are so pumped to have her join Nitro Snowboards and Raiden Bindings. Being able to pick her brain to have her design her own board and bindings from the ground up will be one of the coolest parts. Unlike most riders, Janna is very specific about what she rides. For ’07 she will have three pro models designed to her specifications. Also, she will have her own model of Raiden Bindings to make sure that her kit is complete. Janna has her own style for whatever she does, so don’t expect some watered down version just to sell to the ladies.

Janna, thanks for joining our family of Misfits.