Jamie Lynn Archival Prints Starting at Just $45

Chris Brunkhart. Jamie Lynn. Archival prints starting at just $45.

Artists Republic for Tomorrow is proud to offer the first of a series of special release prints featuring photographers and artists… friends who have shown at the 210 AR4T Space in Laguna Beach, CA.

Our goal is to provide high quality images at an affordable price, that these special pieces might find a home on your wall and in your heart – solidifying the bond between artist and collector.

The first image offered is one we love, a 1997 photograph of snowboarding legend, Jamie Lynn created by his friend, renowned photographer Chris Brunkhart. A glimpse into the world of two men – one in front of the camera and one behind – that helped define a golden age of snowboarding.

Jamie Lynn, Auburn, WA. 1997. Photo: Chris Brunkhart

Jamie Lynn, Auburn, WA. 1997. Photo: Chris Brunkhart

CB: “I have been friends a long time with Jamie. From his early on, when he was in high school we would skip, to go ride PacWest, Rainier, and Mt. Baker. Always creating, whether it was drawing, tattooing, rebuilding old cars and motorcycles, or playing guitar. His creativity seems to ooze out of him, endlessly. One of the most talented people I have ever met.

“Here at his parents house in Auburn, WA, Jamie is right at home with all his influences around him. The guitar, the cats, I’m sure there is a coffee cup somewhere too. A great moment capturing the Jamie I know and love.”

Prints are limited edition, made by Asymbol in Jackson, Wyoming. They will be shipped starting December 1st, just in time for the holidays.

8″x10″ archival print, edition of 100 /// $45
11″x14″ archival print, edition of 50 /// $100
16″ x 20″ archival print, edition of 20 /// $300
24″ x 30″ archival print, edition of 5 /// $1000

To order please go to: AR4T.com/artists/chris-brunkhart