After winning the Dew Tour slopestyle and taking second at both X Games and the Burton European Open, Jamie Anderson wrapped up the last major competition of the season with a first at the Burton US Open in Vail today.

The event was bumped to an 8:50 a.m. start to make room for the men's slopestyle semi-finals, which were postponed from Wednesday, and the six women in finals wasted no time throwing multiple 720s on their first runs, a foreshadowing of the level of riding to come.

But while Spencer O'Brien slid around a backside 900 on her final run, the only landed 900 for the women, and Anna Gasser put down both a Cab 720 frontside grab and a frontside 720 mute in her first two runs, it wasn't enough to unseat Anderson who was the only rider to cut around to the side of the first jump feature to hit the quarterpipe transition takeoff. Even though she didn’t get a grab on her backside 540 on that feature, it was a risky move that scored well with the judges.

Anderson's full first run included a ridiculously stylish Cab 270 to tailside, switch boardslide to regular, and boardslide 270 on the rails. Rolling into the first jump feature, Anderson worked the tricky takeoff on the quarterpipe transition to get a backside 540, before landing a Cab 720 nose grab off the second jump and finishing with a massive switch backside 540. The run earned her a 90.95, which would hold up for the rest of the event. The win marks the fourth Burton US Open slopestyle title Anderson has claimed.

Jamie Andersons’ first place run

Anderson’s winning run interview

Austria's Anna Gasser narrowly picked up second place. She started with a trick scored as a half-Cab 50-50 to backside 180 out that was close to a Cab 270 and moved into a switch boardslide to regular, and 50-50 backside 180 out. Gasser took the traditional takeoff on the first jump, greasing a Cab 720 frontside grab, switch backside 180 indy, and Frontside 720 mute.

Anna Gasser’s second place run

Gasser’s second place interview

Despite landing the biggest spin of the contest and nailing a solid and technical rail section, Canada’s Spencer O'Brien ended up third. O'Brien started her run with a half-Cab nosepress, 50-50 to frontside boardslide, and noseslide to pretzel out on the rails. On the jumps, O'Brien lined up a switch backside 540 indy, toe-edge frontside 720 frontside grab, and backside 900 melon.

Spencer O’Brien’ third place run

O’Brien’s interview on taking third

With the final major slopestyle event of the season in the books, women's riding continues progress not only with technical tricks but increasingly stylish and controlled riding. While the high-water mark for women's slopestyle came at the Sochi Olympics with Sina Candrian's first frontside 1080 in competition, many of the women today attempted to add 900s to their runs, including Gasser, Sina Candrian, and Cheryl Maas. This time next year, the women's field will likely only get more consistent and land bigger tricks, pushing women's riding forward.

2015 Burton US Open Women's Slopestyle Finals Results

1. Jamie Anderson, 90.95
2. Anna Gasser, 82.55
3. Spencer O'Brien, 82.05
4. Enni Rukajärvi, 80.85
Cheryl Maas, 71.60
Sina Candrian, 66.50

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