Jamie Anderson Nude In The upcoming 2014 ESPN Body Issue

Jamie Anderson the Professional snowboarder and U.S. Olympic goals medalist is looking a little chilly, but happy in the photo leaked from ESPN’s annual Body Issue, which features professional athletes from around the world, getting naked.


Jamie’s chilly cover shoot. Photo: Peggy Sirota/ESPN

Perviously featured snowboarders in The ESPN Body Issue include, Louie Vito and Gretchen Bleiler in 2011 and Elena Hight in 2013.


We bet there’s a lot of you that would like to share this chair with Jamie. Photo: Peggy Sirota/ESPN

Jamie Anderson had this to say about her experience shooting nude for The Body Issue.

"I've never done any naked shoots or even bikini shoots so it was new for me to do that," Anderson said. "At first I was a little bit terrified but it was really good practice for me to accept everything about myself and love my body and not judge the little things that we do as women or anyone and just embrace where I'm at. With hurting my foot a month before the [May] shoot, I didn't really get to run or anything.
My first impression was that I want to work out and get super crazy fit. It didn't really play out that way. I still live a healthy, active lifestyle but I wasn't able to train as I would have. It became even more beneficial because I got to step back and embrace myself and how I am and not try to fit this Hollywood image of being really super skinny."

Read Jamie’s full interview over at ESPN Magazine’s website HERE


Jamie Anderson. Photo by Peggy Sirota for ESPN’s 2014 Body Issue.

Paralympian Amy Purdy will also be featured in the 2014 Body Issue, you can read an interview about her participation in the mag here.


Amy Purdy gives Jamie a run for her money, for the title of hottest snowboarder in the mag. Photo: ESPN

Pick up a copy of ESPN’s new Body Issue on July 11th.

Don’t forget to vote for Jamie as the Best Female U.S. Olympian, during ESPN’s ESPYs. Going on until July 16th.

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