Jake Black Presents ‘The Day We Left Earth’ At Installation

Breckenridge snowboarder, Jake Black, presents his first ever photography show at Installation in Boulder, CO


I grew up and have been snowboarding in Summit County my entire life.  I have been competing in the Dew Tours, Grand Prix’s, and what not for a very long time.  Competitions are no longer where my heart is though. So instead of competing all of last season I decided I would change the routine, travel to new places, and explore other facets of snowboarding.  I went all over. I was camping and split-boarding in Nelson, BC; filming in Sun Valley, ID; pow surfing and snowmobiling living in a yurt in Smiley Creek, ID; surfing Tofino, BC, chasing powder in Whistler, BC; and of course riding and exploring all over Colorado.

Photography has always been an obsession of mine. I always travel with at least one camera of sorts.  And last season I decided I would carry my Canon 30D and my 4×5 Toyo field camera everywhere I went. My idea was not to capture just snowboarding, but to capture something enchanting along the way.  Whether it be while riding up the chair, driving toward a foreign destination, or hiking up a new face to ride, I wanted to highlight the wonders of being there at that moment; highlight my winter dreams.

I am also currently working on my bachelors in Sustainability, which is to study how to balance between a prosperous economy, a healthy environment, and the equity of people. And a lot of it has to do with giving Nature a true value, not in the sense of a price tag, more in the sense of something valuable to everyone.  Sustainability promotes creativity and taking a new look at the current paradigm.  Which has directly influenced my photography.

Now my travels and lifestyle are far from being fully sustainable, but I wanted to present this photo show to at least help promote and raise awareness that we need to protect our environments for many reasons, snow, climate, and of course to ensure a future. Whatever that future may hold.

A percentage of all sales will be donated towards the protection of our environment (through funds like 1% for the Planet or Protect Our Winters).

Which leads me to present my first photo show: THE DAY WE LEFT EARTH

The show will be up for a couple months at INSTALLATION SHOE GALLERY

1955 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302

So swing by and check out the show live!

And if you want to see the show previewed online:


Thanks and hope to see everyone there.

– Jake Black