It’s Official—Chris Dufficy On Option

Option Snowboards is pleased to announce the signing of Chris Dufficy to its expanding Pro Team. “It just shows the dope side of the industry when a strong company like Option steps up to support me and my ideas to create something amazing right in Vancouver.” elates Chris.

Duff, and his trademark smile, continues to have a huge presence in the snowboard industry bringing his smooth steeze to ballsy backcountry riding and technical rail annihilation. Coming off a strong season filming for Whiteout Productions his part is full of strong jumping and banging rail shots.

“Duff’s personality is just as appealing as his unmatched riding abilities,” comments Marketing Manager Andrew Sayer. “He’s a franchise type rider that can step up a whole team.

Duff’s board knowledge will come in handy as he lives in Vancouver BC right near the Option factory. “I’m gonna get my hands real dirty designing my pro model for next season,” states Duff.

His plans for this winter include filming for Whiteout Productions in the Whistler backcountry, traveling worldwide, and smiling while ripping on his new boards.

Option snowboards and NFA outerwear manufacture and design hard goods and clothing for the snowboard and skateboard markets. Vancouver is home to this international company and also serves as the factory location where boards of the highest quality are still constructed. The Company has sales offices worldwide and a global team of elite professional snowboarders and skateboarders endorses its products. Option/NFA trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under OPN.